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An Incubator to Help Women Tailor Garments in Bulk
ACT offers a free basic tailoring course for underprivileged, uneducated, and needy women in seven communities across Mumbai to empower them with skills that will allow them to work from home or outside. To date, hundreds of women have availed of the training and have started generating an income. At the end of the course, ACT rewards them with a Career Launch Kit, which enables them to initiate their livelihood earning activity as soon as they finish the course.

ACT set up an incubation center close to their neighborhood that will facilitate their transition from students to entrepreneurs and livelihood earners. Currently, ACT is running a pilot that will help fine-tune the program and then be able to roll it out to other needy communities. After 6 months, they can launch themselves by seeking work directly from garment manufacturers. The women are encouraged to work cohesively and create a self-help group that can become a sustainable working unit in the future. Thereafter, the next training cycle will commence.

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