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Due to shortage of funds, many underprivileged children often face the prospect of under-preparation for their Std. X state board exams. Accordingly, there is an urgent need for funds to ensure better after-school coaching within the school premises. ACT works with municipal and government-aided high schools to design a robust coaching program for fifty of the most needy students appearing for the state board exams. The threadbare cost for each program is Rs. 10,000 for a full year's worth of coaching. ACT provides support to underprivileged students by helping school authorities set up study and preparatory test schedules, by providing study material to these students, and by ensuring suitable staff hires. To do this, ACT depends on the support of its donors.

At just Rs. 10,000, your support will ensure that each student has the best chance at delivering the highest performance and give them the much-needed confidence about their future. Corporate sponsorships are welcome.
Donate one or more girl's education @ just Rs. 10,000 per student per year

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